As much as Ken loves designing new architectural creations, he has long had an interest in the underlying theory behind organic, modern and natural architecture. Wright's theory of organic architecture is well known, but surprisingly difficult to define, even for Wright.  What is at the foundations of organic architecture?  What did Wright mean when he wrote in 1912 about the "aesthetic viewpoint" often forgotten in architecture?   And why was Wright critical not only of the traditional architecture he saw in the 1800's but also the later European modern movement exemplified in the International Style?  Are there keys to be found here that might shed light on the state of today's contemporary architecture?  Below are links to several of Ken's scholarly articles that have explored these and other themes.  He also writes a column "Wright Thoughts" for the Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin organization's quarterly newsletter of which he is a board member.  To visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin website click here. Many of Ken's designs have been featured on their annual "Wright and Like" tour as well.  Ken is currently working on his PhD at UW-Milwaukee's School of Architecture where he also is an adjunct professor.  

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